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W Trek

The classical and most popular trek in Torres del Paine. Also called the "upside down M" the name is derived from the shape the trek draws on the map. It can be done in 3-5 days. It offers the jaw-dropping views of the glaciar Grey, the amazing Francés Valley and of course the famous towers "Torres del Paine". It is the most accesible and most popular trek in Torres del Paine. It can be done in both direction both from East to West and West to East. We recommend the 5 day trek in either direction but there more options to choose from:

West to East - 5 days

East to West - 5 days

West to East - 4 days

East to West - 4 days

West to East - 3 days

East to West - 3 days


West to East - 4 days (Grey)

East to West - 4 days (Grey)

O Trek

The O Trek is a real hiking adventure that offers an amazing scenery and a moderate physical challenge. If you really want to explore Torres del Paine, the O trek should definitely be on your bucket list. Also sometimes called "The Circuit" the trek goes all around the national park visiting also all the parts of the W trek. Drawing less crowds it can be ideal for a more off the beaten path experience. It is usually done in 7-8 days.

From Serón - 8 days

From Serón - 7 days

From Paine Grande - 7 days

From Paine Grande - 8 days

From Chileno - 8 days